Written by Naa Ashiorkor

Valentine’s Day is here again!!! The most romantic time of the year, though I believe love can be expressed any other day.  I assume that most ladies are speculating whether this year’s Val’s day would be better or worse than last year’s. Well, I wonder too. For this year, the UEFA champion’s league is beginning on the 13th of February and there is a match on Val’s day. The men who are football maniacs would be seriously glued to their TV sets. But, truth be told, they can’t go on a date with football, neither can they marry football. So ladies, chill, the men could surprise you.

When you think of Valentine’s Day, red and pink are probably the first two colors that jump into mind. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. I know nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the color red. If we had to guess what color most women plan to wear on Val’s day, it’d definitely be these 2 colors in different shades. For years, on Valentine’s Day almost everything including décor is red as people normally associate the color with love. From time in memorial, the color red has been used to represent life, love, war and death.

Red is a great color but, how about exploring some different tones this season that can definitely make Val’s day exciting, sassy and bright! Here are some of our picks you should defintely try.




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