Writer: Teiko Nartey-Kharma

The red season is almost upon us but the good news is that; we can play with more colors and not necessarily stick to the “red uniform”. Red will always be the color of love but I dare say it’s the experiences and moments created or spent together that’s more special. So, whether you will be spending time with an intimate significant other, you are spending quality time with yourself or having a casual brunch with the girls, it is a day as good as any day to dress up! Here are some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas.


For most people, it is a must to find that perfect red dress to wear for “bae” on Valentine’s Day. Whether it is that body con dress or a playful jumpsuit, here are some choices your body would love.



You might want to go easy with the brunch outfit. After all, it’s going to be an easy breezy day hanging with the girls and showing love to yourselves. And sometimes, it’s ss easy as a tank top! Check out these casual looks.


You might be planning on spending some time alone during the day to treat yourself to a nice brunch or go that window shopping you can’t seem to make time for. Check these lovelies out!


You might be attending a wedding during this season of love to show Your support and love to one of the many lovelies in your life. Why don’t You make it a floral day since it’s also the “flower season”? Take a look.

Tell me: what are you wearing this Valentine’s Day? Let’s chat in the comments section. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Valentine’s!

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