Veryldesigns presents to you its latest summer collection titled “Baingana” which means “people are equal” in the Runyankore dialect spoken by the people of western Uganda.

Veryldesigns is an African print fashion brand that specialises in creating and selling African fashion aimed at showcasing the beauty of bold prints.

The brand debuts the first-ever male collection and it’s inspired by the desire to promote freedom and boldness in the African man and also to promote equality with the African woman.


This collection describes the modern African man and woman, who expresses their confidence in how they look in bold prints. The flirty designs for the women accentuate how sexy and chic the African woman looks in portraying confidence in their self-esteem.

This will see John Lewis Brent Cross hosting this artistry from tailors from London & Kampala, Uganda in their store from June 21 – 27, 2021 and other stores for the release of this collection.

All pieces are available on and at the John Lewis Brent Cross Store on the pop-up days.



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