Still on our business of fashion series. This week, We asked Mabel what her top business advice is to anyone who intends to venture into the fashion Industry and she had these few points to share…

1. Be innovative, creative and original.

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There is nothing that has not been created before but instead of stealing another person’s idea ditto ditto, be inspired by them and create something that you can call your own.

2. Learn the business side of things

Fashion is a business and just not creating things. You need to learn how to keep your books, market, promote and sell your products. If your finances are not managed properly, the business will not survive within the first three years.



3. Freebies in exchange of ‘name mention’ won’t pay the bills.

People will throw offers at you but you need to be smart to know which one will bring in cash to pay the bills. Credibility is good but at the end of the day the business needs to survive and grow so it can be sustained.

About Mabel Simpson:

Mabel Simpson is an award winning Fashion Entrepreneur and creative director at Msimps a Ghanaian owned accessory design house specialising in hand-made customised accessories: Ladies hand bags, clutch purses, tote bags, laptop bags/sleeves, hair and dress brooches and men and ladies slippers.

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