What type of earrings are you comfortable wearing? Which type is your go – to?

Over the years, I have collected various types and sizes of earrings but I haven’t come around to wearing most of them. You see, I am a home buddy and do not wear earrings when I am at home. Should I even go out, I mostly go without wearing them.

However, lately, I have found I love wearing round water – pearl earrings more. And I am beginning to also explore the many pretty ones I have stored in my jewelry boxes. I have realized they make one look polished and elevates a fit.

There are different types of earrings: Studs, Hoops, Pines, Twists, Opals, French wires and Statement (bold and big) earrings, just to mention but a few.

While I love the different types of earrings neatly tacked away in their cases, my go – to is the stud. I love how easy they are to put on, and how it doesn’t easily get entangled with a piece of hair or clothing. And while I can’t deny the effect of statement earrings on a look or the attention it tends to draw to its host, I prefer to wear them only on special occasions.

Here are a few I wear.




What earrings do you wear regularly? And which are you faves?Studs, pines, twists, opals or hollows?


We would love to know….

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