Woodin’s latest collection is presented in 8 designs and exciting colors. Perl ‘Or de Woodin is a metallic print characterized by bold and graphic pearl motifs with light and gracious drawings.
This collection takes an air of elegance and splendor from its shimmering aboriginal-inspired designs. The fabric’s innovative edges make it perfect for creating bold and daring silhouettes.

The new African woman
With Perl ‘Or de Woodin, we celebrate the new African who is proud of who she is and lives in the moment- confident, bold, highly respected and cannot be ignored.

Woodin, transforming African fashion
Woodin, Africa’s number 1 retail brand is part of the Vlisco group which has 4 textile and fashion brands in the mid to high-end African market. The Woodin Nation consists of creative, vibrant and energetic individuals whose modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle is not only represented in their fashion sense but in their mode of expression and way of life. The brand is a truly African brand that is inspired by culture and art. Woodin’s hallmark is the symbol of creativity. Creativity is at the heart of everything they do and stand for. As a fast fashion brand they constantly work to deliver fashion inspiration to consumers, who reflect confidence whenever they wear the brand’s unique designs everywhere they go.  Woodin’s  30 years of fashion design expertise enables them to play this role of true fashion connoisseurs and is helping to define African fashion today.

We will update you with photos from the launch of Perl’ Or de woodin collection at the FashionistaGh Shopping festival Last weekend!

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