Curly wigs are a sought-after choice because of their diverse nature.  A curly wig gives a natural look. It can also be styled in different ways.  Also, these wigs come in different forms; long, short, mid-length, coloured, and wavy. The curls can also be tight or loose.  However, curly wigs are quite difficult to maintain.  Without proper care, curly wigs become fizzy and lose their luster.

Here are 10 Ways to maintain or care for your curly wigs

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1. Section the Hair

This is the first step when you are prepping to wear your wig. You have to put the wig in sections to make it easy to comb and detangle.

2. Use a Detangling Mist

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After you put your wig in sections, apply a detangling mist. It is important to choose the right hair products.  When choosing a product check if it is designed for human hair or synthetic hair.

3. Use the right Hair Brush

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It is essential to use the right comb or brush for your curly wig. It makes it easy to remove tangles and also maintain the curls. It is advisable to use a wide-toothed comb. Alternatively, you can use a brush designed for wet curl wigs. Using the wrong comb or brush will destroy the curls.

4. Rejuvenate the Curls


After brushing the wig, gently run your hands through the hair. If you are finding it difficult to get the curls back in shape, you can also use a curling iron a low heat.

5. Store Your Wig Properly

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To store wet curls, cover the wig with a net and lay it flat in a box. You can also use a wig stand or mannequin head.  Do not put the curls in their wet state on a wig stand, the weight can stretch the wig and also damage the curls.

6. Moisturize Often

Curly wigs require that you moisturize often. The natural moisturizer for curly wigs is water. Water however tends to dry quickly as you go about your daily activities. For curly wigs, you should apply a curl keeper, serum, or spray moisturizer. It’s best to go in for a water-based moisturizer or an oil-based moisturizer.

7. Shampoo When Necessary

You should not wash your wet curl wig too often. However, you can wash it once in a while when it gets dirty or greasy.

8. Wash Wet Curl Wigs with Lukewarm water

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When washing your wet curls, fill a basin with lukewarm water. After applying the shampoo, gently wash the wig.

9. Dry Wig Properly

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When drying the wet curl wig, lay it flat on a towel whiles gently patting the wig with another towel

10. Do not rub wet curls

Rubbing your wig dry will make the wig lose its curls and natural look






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