Writer: Teiko
Covid – 19 has us self – isolating and social distancing to stay safe and healthy. All the free time on our hands has us “bored in the house bored in the house bored”. And  Yes, many of us are getting creative with Tiktok and all the social media challenges that keeps us busy when we are not watching Netflix and chilling.
Well, here is a list of twenty African YouTubers covering Food, Lifestyle, Fashion and Hair to keep you entertained during this lockdown.
If your interests lies in discovering new recipes to try your hands on, then you are sure to love these amazing food lovers who create new and delicious recipes that makes your soul happy!
Since we can’t visit the spa/salons to have our much needed facials, these beauty channels would not only help us learn a few beauty tricks but teach us some easy hacks to come out of quarantine glowing! And oh let’s not forget keeping us informed in the world of beauty.
For inspo on how to change your wardrobe and be “fly” without breaking the bank after we
Come out of self – isolating, check out these style enthusiasts like yourself to start organizing that
If you are like me who just enjoys anything lifestyle, family, travel, religion, photography etc These channels must certainly be on your must watch list.
From natural hair to permed hair, these sites have got you covered! Keeping our hair healthy and moisturize
When the salons are closed is very important. We don’t want any breakages which would have us
Looking like the hair of Medusa. Check these out!
Do you have any recommendations or suggestions to share with us? Please drop them in the comments
Section. We would love to see what is keeping you busy.
Stay safe! Stay home!

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