3 Hair Tips For Busy Moms

Life can be very busy for a mom. Your life can change once you become a mom. This is because your responsibilities increase. It is difficult juggling work with home duties.  However, it is important to make time for yourself despite your busy schedule. An important part of our appearance is our hair. Keeping your hair in shape all the time as a busy mom can be a daunting task.

Check out our 3 time-saving hair tips for busy moms.

1. Make deep conditioning a part of your hair care regimen.

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You have probably heard deep conditioning a lot of times and don’t even know what it means and its importance.  Deep Conditioning is the practice of applying rich and nourishing products to your hair. This is to help retain and restore the moisture in your hair and maintain its luster. Conversely,  most women skip this because it is time consuming.  Deep conditioning your hair 2-4 times in a month depending on your hair type prevents hair breakage. It makes your hair soft and maintains its elasticity.  You can use natural ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil,  Aloe Vera among others to deep condition.  Otherwise,  you can buy a good deep conditioner from a salon or hair shop.

2. Trim Spilt Ends

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Trimming spilt ends is very important in your hair journey. Spilt ends basically affect the growth of your hair.  It is important to regularly trim the ends of your hair to remove dead ends. Spilt ends do not go away on their own, you have to cut them off. Making this a habit will improve your hair growth and make your hair healthy.  You can even trim your hair ends yourself using a pair of scissors.

3. Master Simple Styles

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Learning basic hairstyles will be time saving as a busy mom. When you do not have time to visit the salon, you can style your hair on your own. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, there are tons of easy hairstyles you can do. If you have natural hair, you can try a low or high bun, fauxhawk, space buns, afro, bantu knots, finger coils among other easy-to-do hairstyles.  Also, if your hair is relaxed, a ponytail , bun, tousled hair, straight hair , double braids are some examples of time saving hairstyles you could do.

As a busy mom, you can deal with the stress that comes with keeping your hair in shape by deep conditioning regularly, trimming spilt ends and learning simple hairstyles . Youtube provides a myriad of tutorials on easy-to-do hairstyles.  Step out always with your hair on point. Glow! even as a busy mom.



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