3 tips to help keep you fixated on your goals throughout the year.

Every new year begins with the setting of goals. We make new year resolutions every year.  It is important to make plans since it directs our path and decisions. In making goals, we must ensure that the goals are specific,  realistic,  attainable, measurable and timely. It is key to set objectives  and work earnestly to attain them.

Here are 3 tips to help you realize your objectives 

1. Write your goals down

Taking time to carefully outline your vision for the year is the starting point to accomplish your goals. Research has shown that writing things down makes it easier to remember.  Get a notebook or diary and put down your aspirations for this year.

2. Meditate on your goals

It doesn’t just end with writing a tall list of ideas. It is imperative to go over your goals. Make time each day to carefully analyze your visions and formulate steps you can take in realizing them.

3. Devise an action plan.

You are almost getting there. After taking these major steps, you must also take practical initiatives to reach these objectives . Allocate a time span to these goals . You must know whether your goals are long term or short term. This allows you to know the time you have to spend on each goal.



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