Let’s get styled up from Monday to Sunday in Woodin’s new Ready- to-wear outfits. Since the photos are exactly 7 in number we took some time out to try and fit each outfit into a specific day of the week!

  1. The Classic Monday Outfit: The outfit below is perfect for Monday. It’s just basic and chic. It can pass for any hectic meeting the day might come with. In fact, you don’t need to do much to work this outfit. What better way to slay and conquer the meeting with a simple yet striking two Piece outfit.


2.  The Tuesday Outfit: This outfit isn’t  far fetched from the previous. Quite an easy style to wear because meetings aren’t over yet. But there’s a little room to be much more relaxed than you would be on a Monday morning. Feel at ease to work this Outfit on a Tuesday.


3. The Laid back Mid-Week Outfit:Let’s pretend, you don’t get excited about Wednesdays although it’s just two days away from Friday. Yes, it’s certainly the best to feel more relaxed on Wednesday because believe it or yes, how you look it positively affects your stress levels during the week. Have a breather and go easy on style on the midweek.


4. The Thursday Outfit: Because Thursdays tend to have a Monday feel, lets go back for an outfit that’s not so formal or casual either. Something that best fits the two days, hence we chose this outfit!13641245_752379828198790_4056600888138041831_o

The TGIF Outfit: We know you have been waiting to have a legit reason to wear jeans to work. Well TGIF is here and what better way dress up than to pair your Woodin blazer with neat pair of jeans. This outfit is free flowing and easily sets you up for the evening hangout after work, so chill up ,after all it’s a FRIDAY!!!!!13680173_752379918198781_3297689831668679576_o

6.  The Saturday Outfit: Meeting up with girls, bae, attending an wedding reception? You may want to consider this Jumpsuit. The challenge with jumpsuits occur when you need to use the washroom but who cares when all you want to do is slay 🙂


7. The Sunday Outfit: A Pop of Color is perfect for Sunday; time at church and that brunch after church. Have a wonderful day! What did you think about our selections? Let’s get talking 🙂


Photocredit: Woodin


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