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5 things you should learn how to fix.

Sometimes life just happens. We are faced with situations we didn’t ask for. Worst of all, help may not be available when we need it the most. It is important to learn to fix things around the house. Learning skills like changing a flat tire will save you from spending tons of money when you encounter daily problems.

Here are 5 basic home repairs everyone should know.

1. Sew On A Button

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This sounds quite simple but not everyone knows how to a fix a button. If you don’t know how ,it’s not a problem . This is an easy to learn skill as lots of YouTube videos provide tutorials on it for free. Learning to fix a button will save you from stress , if not today one day.

2. Change Your Car Tire

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This is not reserved for mechanics only. You can do it too. Go you!  Experiencing a flat tire when you are in a hurry to work or somewhere important isn’t anyone’s wish, but it happens.  If you are familiar with changing a car tire, you could save some good money.

3. Fix A Leaky Faucet

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A leaky faucet can be caused by a lot of things. From corrosion to a problem with the O ring or even a deteriorated valve seat. A leaky faucet causes wastage of water that only adds to your bills. Also, the constant dripping of water can be very irritating.  Good news is that you can fix your leaky faucet even as a amateur.

4. Fix A Clogged Sink

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A clogged sink or drain can be a pain the neck!  Doing dishes with a clogged sink is just frustrating. It’s ideal to call a plumber. However, you can fix that too. Unclogging a clogged drain can take a moment. You can use natural remedies like boiling water, vinegar and baking soda. Alternatively,  a plunger will be of great help.

5. Fix a zipper

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This is probably something we have all been through; a broken zipper on a blouse, skirt or even trousers. With information on how to fix a zipper you are good to go . All you need is a sewing kit with its basic essentials.  This will save you in critical times when you can’t find a tailor nearby.

Knowledge on how to solve the problems we encounter daily is helpful and also saves you from  spending money all the time. How do I start to repair things? Primarily,  a lot of YouTube channels provide adequate information on how to fix things around us. Also, you could carefully observe the repairman the next time he comes to fix something in your home. However ,when you are faced with some of these problems and you think you need the help of an expert, go for it. In doing all these, safety is best.

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