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Most young and middle-aged women love to look good, eat good and make their family( children and husband) look good if they do have One! (Remember, if you don’t have one, its still totally fine!). We can all however agree that we would like to look good when ever we go out to work, parties,weddings, church etc. below are 5 points to  help you plan your life and help you make better choices and obviously get you looking fabulous!

  1. You DO NOT have to wear designer branded clothes if you cannot afford it! Its absolutely okif you cannot afford something you like; there is always a substitute that could make you feel if not as happy, satisfied.


  1. PLAN PLAN PLAN! Planning is everything when it comes managing yourself and your home as a whole. Planning your weekly meals ie knowing exactly what to buy when you set out for the Saturday shopping which is more likely to avoid excess buying and wastage, leading to saving money (even saving 1cedi counts!) Planning exciting things you can do with your family and friends. It can just be a games night, movie nights with some popcorns etc it does not always have to be out (it’s amazing to go out meet people and spend some money) but if you could switch one weekend for a home games night it could help you save some coins and get to have real connections with friends and some amazing bonding with families(especially family with teenage children). One thing to keep in mind, planning should have abit of flexibility to accommodate break-ins and unforeseen circumstances, it only just makes you better prepared for the days, weeks and month ahead.
  1. If you can afford, buy things when its at its cheapest eg buying your fabulous winter coats when its on sale in the Summer and getting those tomatoes in bulk when it’s a bucket for 1cedi (you can always cook, blend and freeze for when your ready to use!) I am a massive bargain hunter, but sometimes when it is too cheap you need to wait and ask yourself ‘is this too good to be true?’
  1. Budgeting is a very important part of Maintaining a home as a woman, I have found it very useful allocating my monthly income on weekly basis, setting aside money for saving as soon as I have received my salary (it does not have to be a lot of money- what ever your budget will allow you is fine). If you are self employed, I would still pay myself a salary and budget with that in mind. Budgeting give you the pleasure of buying the things you want without any hidden guilt. My budget says SAVE, GIVE and SPEND what’s left!
  1. All said and done, what is most important is to LIVE. Try to save, plan, budget, have routines but let your hair down, wear that dress if you want to, have a drink or two, smile, be kind and gentle to yourself and others. Exercise if you can,Travel when you can afford it, treat yourself once a while and give zero f**ks about what people think. Life is for the living so liveit, or your better off dead xxx

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