5 Tips to Stay Focused Working From Home

The internet is booming with a myriad of remote job opportunities now.  The inception of the coronavirus pandemic largely has a role to play in this. Companies and organizations resulted in working from home and this has come to remain. Though working from home is an ideal option for most people, it comes with quite a several distractions that affect productivity.  If you are a remote worker;

Here are 5 ways to keep focused while working.

1. Dedicate a working space.

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Working from home accords you the privilege to work anywhere in the house. You can decide to lay in bed while completing an assignment or having a meeting. However, dedicating a portion of your home as a working space is ideally the best option. It affects your mood and productivity. Assigning a working space for work will enable you to have a feel of the office environment and its professionalism even at home. The most important thing is to find an area of the house where you feel most comfortable and are less distracted.

2. Dress for success.

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You do not have to wear a three-piece suit or office attire with heels while at home but certainly not those pajamas.  It is very likely to jump to work in a nightgown or pajamas as a remote worker. Well in working, your state also affects your input. Dressing in casual formal attire would create a professional atmosphere.

3. Create a Calendar.

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Research has shown that people who have a set of objectives for the day and a time-bound stand a higher chance of successfully executing them. Before you start your day, create a calendar or a list of activities you intend to achieve. This enables you to know what you are about and also guides you throughout the day.

4. Minimize Social Media Usage

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Taking your phone to reply to a text while working sometimes leads to hours of chatting.  Constant beeping from your phone and alerts from social media apps is a major source of distraction if you work from home. This is quite similar to chattering with friends during office hours. It’s best to set boundaries. You can decide to put your phone on do not disturb. If you expect some calls during the day, you can set your phone in such a way that only relevant calls come through.

5. Take Breaks

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All work and no play make jack a dull boy.  As much as you may in engrossed with work, it is best to allocate portions of the day for breaks.  Decide to take short breaks intermittently. Doing this will enable your brain to have enough rest and focus much better. During these breaks, you could interact with friends, eat a proper healthy home-cooked meal, or even exercise. These activities will take you away from the formal work setting and prepare you for work later.






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