Check out some opportunities for fashion designers, students and fashion enthusiasts.

The Fashion Industry has a lot of opportunities.  In a world,  were the fashion industry is booming, avenues are out there for people who want to make an impact in the field. How do you find these opportunities? No need to stress. We have got you.

Check out some opportunities available for you.

1. The Roberta Annan Scholarship Application

This is a life-changing opportunity for emerging young designers in the field of fashion communication,  business and media  from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Scholarship has been put together by Roberta Annan highly noted for her immense contribution to the fashion industry in Ghana, Africa and beyond.  Roberta Annan is the Annan Capital Investments and the founder of the African Fashion Foundation. Successful applicants will have the merit of a full tuition covering for the Vogue Fashion Foundation Programme  and the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Industry Practice Degree Programme.  If you think this for you, go for it! Visit their website now. The deadline for application is the 16th May, 2022.

2. The Create and Cultivate Scholarship (African Fashion Foundation Scholarship)

This is an opportunity for emerging fashion and textile designers who are from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Scholarship is in partnership with the Accademia Costume Moda Italy. The opportunity is for students who are seeking to pursue a master’s degree in the Fashion. The scholarship also awards successful application paymenf of full tuition.Check out their website about for more application about the application process. Break a leg!

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