Ghanaian Fashion brand Ajepomaa Design Gallery showcased her latest collection “TROKOSI” on the runway of Glitz Africa fashion week. The collection is taken inspiration from ‘THE TROKOSI BRIDE’ the virgin young brides of the gods! The contrast of ones wedding day being the happiest day of ones life but it turns out into dark enslavement for the rest of these young girls lives. Coming from a strong Christian background we are totally Fascinated by this ritual servitude.The colors mainly used in this collection is mainly white. This for the brides represents the purity of the young girls, the black represents their dark eternal future and red represents strength of a woman. The jade is infused in the collection as a highlight trendy color for the holiday season. The glass beads and suede tassel detail is added to some of the pieces to emphasize the ethnic elements of their environment which is mainly the fon(Benin), Togo and Volta(Ghana).

Ajepomaa Design Gallery

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