Owning a home is an essential goal for most individuals and families especially those living in the cosmopolitan city. The cost, location and type of home are among some important factors people need to consider before making a purchase or lease.


Considering the cost and scale required in meeting Ghana’s housing needs, much work needs to be done in order to close the widening housing deficit confronting Ghanaians.


Glitz Africa Living Magazine together with First National Bank and the GLICO Group will host the maiden Home Ownership Series on Thursday, 15th April, 2021 to discuss how housing facilitators, beneficiary participants and developers intend to put as many Ghanaians on the property ladder as possible in 2021 and beyond.


First National Bank has declared the year 2021 as the year of Home Ownership and is embarking on a rigorous campaign to help as many people as they can reach to own homes in a safe manner. The Ministry of Works and Housing is also committed to its mandate of ensuring the various challenges relating to housing is curbed so the citizens can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.


Glitz Africa Living Magazine is proud to partner with First National Bank to organize the maiden Home Ownership Series to start the much-needed conversation of the needed steps in acquiring a home in safe and secure manner.


Glitz Africa Living Magazine is Glitz Africa’s latest brand extension, seeking to explore the rapidly growing property landscape in Ghana, featuring the best and latest in real estate and interior design trends as well as the game changers in the industry. It aims to inform property enthusiasts where to buy the best of landed property, the best of hideouts and expose them to the architectural masterminds and real estate developers behind the magnificent buildings beautifying the skyline in the capital city.

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