Writer: Teiko Nartey-Khama

This pandemic is challenging brands to be more creative in how they serve their clients and interact with them. With each passing day, Instagram becomes the obvious choice for creatives and brands looking to be more interactive with its audience. Fashion has a home now, and it’s Instagram.

Yesterday, the tables in the fashion world was shook when fashion brand, Hanifa, used 3D models to launch its new collection, Pink Label Congo. Speaking with Teen Vogue, Anifa Mvuemba, Hanifa, revealed that she had planned to reveal the collection online before the pandemic but wondered if it was still the right move when the coronavirus pandemic changed everything. Anifa explained, “The news came out about how serious things were and I started to feel anxious about everything going on. I started feeling like maybe it would be insensitive to create and share a new collection online while people were facing very difficult realities”.

The driving force behind the collection is the designer’s aim to celebrate the beauty of Congo, while drawing attention to the issues people face in the locale such as illegal mining.

Hanifa’s innovation to have a digital fashion show on Instagram live afforded ordinary people who would have otherwise never experience fashion week or see a fashion show, a front row seat to the display of creativity, the chance to do so from the comfort of their homes – sharing in the thrill.

Going with the eclectic nature of Africa’s fashion scene, Anifa’s collection was made up of bright and bold prints. Some of the pieces from the collection are; the Mai maxi dress and mini skirt which has a resemblance to Congo’s skyline, The Pink Label Congo Colette T – Shirt and the Kinshasha Backless Mini Dress. “Every single color palette we used in this collection has meaning to it”, said Mvuemba.

Perhaps, Anifa has created a catalyst in the fashion industry. One that many may try to replicate. Nonetheless, new fashion standards has been set by an African woman, thereby adding to the changing narrative of the power, ability and the value black people can bring to the table when we break into rooms otherwise reserved only for a selected few.

Collette T-shirt

Veronique blouse

Kinshasa Backless mini dress

Jolie maxi dress



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