If you’re a fashion lover, you know it’s all about creativity, diversification, and accepting your uniqueness. The award-winning International Supermodel, TV host, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Nini Amerlise have been making headlines in the fashion industry by getting in touch with her roots and promoting diversity.

Nini although born in Canada proudly embraces her genealogy, celebrating her father’s linage from Ghana, which has allowed Nini to break new grounds and merge the African and Canadian culture together. Her fashion-forward efforts have been globally recognized, as she continues to strive towards her mission of diversified beauty by launching her very own talent and production company, NA Management.

The agency launch took place on the birthday of CEO Nini Amerlise this past fall, following by a campaign titled “Royal Excellence” kicking off 2021 which was aimed at encouraging individualistic creativity.

The “Royal Excellence Campaign” was styled by the uber-talented Chaendra V. Gittens, who created regal looks with clothes sponsored by Your favourite dresses & Revived clothing that was the true embodiment of royalty.

Celebrity photographer, Jennifer Conley, also did an excellent job in capturing the bona fide regal essence of the looks. This campaign attracted numerous participants worldwide, serving as the perfect platform to showcase the magnificent diversity in beauty.

As a model Nini has made history in 2017 for becoming the first black model in all of Canada to receive the award as the Inaugural winner of Supermodel Canada, breaking barriers for all competitions of this caliber within the diaspora. Nini has been featured on major platforms including Vogue UK, Glamour Magazine USA, Glam Africa, Fox News, Ebony Magazine, Be body aware campaign for Vogue Italia, CTV, Jamaican gleaner, Stitched fashion series, Men’s Health magazine, and now traveling TV presenter for Travel Africa Network. She has received multiple international awards including the Afrimafu – humanitarian award, Vigor unsung hero’s award, Women on fire butterfly award, Black History community recognition by the Canadian Member of parliament – Gary Gary Anandasangaree, model of the year award in 2019, and so on.

As a motivational speaker Nino focuses on developing positive esteem in youth through the platform of fashion, she believes there is a lack of representation of accurate African beauty in the fashion industry and she aims to fill the gap as being a true representative embracing her natural features, hair, and culture. She empowers many young Black girls and boys to feel confident in their skin. Recently partnering many organizations such as We Are Royals Inc, African Fashion week Toronto, Ghana Next Supermodel, Ghana tertiary Awards, and West African fashion council.

Fashion, too, is all about being authentic and telling a story, adding inclusivity creates relatability and a diverse global outlook. Therefore, Nini is on a mission to exhibit authentic diversity and inclusivity from varying African and Caribbean looks from all across the world through her “Royal Excellence Campaign.”

She optimized her platform as a model to lead a whole new generation by empowering them through her “Royal Excellence Campaign.” The campaign indicates the narrative and direction of NA Management that is making people more comfortable in their skin and body.

It’s about breaking free from the shackles of limitation and learning to appreciate yourself for your uniqueness. The “Royal Excellence” campaign aims to help people see their true worth and know that they are beautiful for their individuality by bringing inclusivity and diversity to the fashion world on a larger scale.

Studio shot of a beautiful young woman posing against a grey background

All humans have been created equal and unique by God, so the agency aims to empower the global population with the awareness of loving ones’ uniqueness while appreciating brilliance in how God has created us.

This campaign aims to endow the globally diverse population with the skill and awareness of showing a level of integrity in how one carries themselves, how they speak, dress, and connect with the world to modify the global perspective of fashion and beauty.

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