The gates have been opened unto us this year! The past year saw us cooped up indoors with nothing on our minds but how to survive the pandemic. Well, survive we did! And we believe most of us are not going to let the opportunity of dressing up and making merry this Easter pass us by!

Though some were able to spend last year’s celebration with loved ones via zoom, it definitely wasn’t the same without the hugs and bonding; but most importantly, the significance of Easter wasn’t lost.

Though Covid is still hanging around, most of us are out of lockdown and would be hopping from one gathering to the other – [thank God!] minding to follow all the protocols that come with Covid.

Well, per usual, it is our mission to help you appear the best dressed at every event. As such, we have put together some outfit ideas for you. Whether you are going to church, that beach party, the bestie’s wedding, family lunch or brunch; we have got you covered!

Now, the question is, are you are lover of an “all white” outfit for the season or do you combine blood tones, which is also significant to the celebration?

Check these out and let us know which ones you will rock.





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