Upclose With Patty Sangmor, The Growth Catalyst.

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Patty   is a marketing strategist who has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry in Ghana, skilled in consumer behavior, digital marketing, personal branding  and below-the-line marketing strategies.

Patty holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration [Marketing Major] from Ghana Technology University College and also a certificate from HarvardX on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.

She has worked in marketing since her internship days in the university till date and in the last 4 years, she has been working with Small to medium scale enterprises who have seen impeccable results by implementing her strategies. Apart from being  an esteemed strategist, she is also an educator who is committed to using her social media platforms to help under-resourced entrepreneurs learn the principles of marketing to help them attract, engage, keep and grow their customers using strategic marketing techniques.

Patty is also known as the Dr. Strategy or The Growth Catalyst because she has helped a lot of businesses diagnose their marketing problems and given them proven strategies for treatment that have worked for them. Growth Catalyst because brands have seen a minimum of 50% growth in their businesses both online and offline while working with Patty or through her online courses. 

Her client base is not limited to Ghana, she has worked with brands based in Nigeria, UAE, Australia, the UK and South Africa.

From working with one of the top marketing agencies in Ghana as a strategist and account manager for brands such as Nido, Maggi, Dettol and Mortein to leaving her corporate job with zero savings. Patty Sangmor against all odds has risen to become a sought after marketing strategist, known by all as Patty The Strategist.

TNB: What inspired you to focus on women in Ghana?

Patty: I wouldn’t say I intentionally focused on women but according to statistics more than 55% of the market i cater to are populated by women so majority of the businesses I work with are owned by women but i also have male clients.

TNB: How do you assist women entrepreneurs in building thriving businesses?

Patty: We first tackle your capacity as an individual, the person driving the vehicle of the business must be skilled or else the vehicle will crash, then we go on to building a marketing strategy that attracts the right customers that will generate revenue for the business.

TNB: What types of businesses do you work with?

Patty: I focus solely on businesses that are looking to dominate their industries by maximizing the use of digital platforms. This spans from fast moving consumer goods, to service businesses then to individuals who are looking to build personal brands that can be monetized. So long as the solution you are offering is viable, it is marketable.

TNB: Can Patty’s strategies be applied to any industry?

Patty: It’s not a one size fits all situation, even though most of the marketing principles are the same, they have to be tailored according to the brand’s niche and the customer’s pain points. 

TNB: What makes Patty’s approach unique?

Patty: Two factors make my approach unique; The God Factor: I believe that because God created consumers, He is the best person to tell us how to satisfy their needs so we always have to be in tune with Him. 

The second approach is that I am very curious about consumer behavior and this has helped me gather insights about marketing that works. Majority of the time I know what consumers will respond to and what they won’t respond to, what will drive conversions and what won’t. 

TNB: Does Patty offer resources for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Patty: Yes I do..Whether you are a beginner or you are midway through your entrepreneurial journey I offer clarity to entrepreneurs. No matter the stage you’re at, I can help.

TNB: Can your strategies be applied to both online and offline businesses?

Patty: Yes but solutions are tailored to specific business needs.

TNB: How can I stay updated on your latest insights and events?

Patty: Most of the event comms are put out on instagram or via email through my newsletters. 

TNB: How can I connect with Patty for marketing assistance?

Patty: Via instagram @pattythestrategist or via email hello@pattythestrategist.com

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